We Want You and Your Input at the Gulf Coast FAMP Chapter!

Nominations for a new Gulf Coast Board are now open for 8/2020-8/2021!​

Whether you are new to the mortgage business or have been in it for years, we'd like to have you on our team! In these unusual times, it's important to be connected with others in your industry to stay on top of important changes! Email us at gcfamp2016@gmail.com with your contact info. and why you'd like to be part of the Gulf Coast FAMP! Below are descriptions of available positions at www.GulfCoastFAMP.com.

The FAMB/FAMP Nominating Committee is requesting that those Interested in applying for a position on the Gulf Coast FAMP Board, please come forward and send in the items needed in order to be placed into consideration. 

  1. Copy of resume

  2. NMLS ID if applicable

  3. Brief  paragraph of why you want to join the Gulf Coast Chapter Board

Executive Board Members

  • President  - Responsible to work with  the administration of the affairs of the chapter.  Shall work with the officers and directors of the chapter in all matters for the good of the chapter and for the good of the members.  Will perform the duties of the President. Responsible for working as Chapter Board liaison with delegated committees as assigned by the President. The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter, the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and a member ex-officio, with right to vote in case of ties only, of all committees. He/she shall communicate to the Chapter or the Board of Directors matters and suggestions which in his/her opinion promote the welfare and usefulness of the Chapter. He/she shall also perform such other duties as are necessarily incident to the office of President or as prescribed by the Board of Directors. He/she shall appoint all committee chairpersons and shall at all times consult with the Board of Directors on matters of policy in conducting the affairs of the Chapter


  • Vice President - Responsible to work with the President.  Shall assist the President in the administration of the affairs of the chapter.  Shall work with the officers and directors of the chapter in all matters for the good of the chapter and for the good of the members.  Will perform the duties of the President in the event of the absence of both the President and President Elect.  Responsible for working as Chapter Board liaison with delegated committees as assigned.


  • Treasurer - Responsible for the chapter finances.  Participate and oversee that a complete record of all income and expenditures is maintained on a monthly basis.  Present and review financial statements at the monthly board meetings. Be prepared to answer questions they may have pertain to the reports. Present separate individual reports for every chapter event; outlining total expenditures and income in detail.   Chairperson of the annual financial committee and work with our administrator to prepare an annual chapter financial statement.


  • Secretary - Responsible for complete minutes from each and every board meeting, general meeting and educational event.  Minutes shall be sent to our administrator within 3-5 business days following  the meeting for distribution to the board.  Responsible for keeping an up-to-date roster of chapter members.  Must attend all board and general meetings.




  • Technology

Chairperson responsible for updating our website at www.gulfcoastfamp.com , and works closely with Membership and PR Committees to post scheduled events and  new ideas into the web site.  Responsible for all chapter domains, active and inactive. Coordinates with Admin regarding additional new information needed on our website and updates on a regular basis. Also works closely with Fundraising, Public Relations and Events committees.  Create an Instagram page and keeps updated. Facebook, constant contact and all social media work will be the responsibility of this position.

  • Membership

This committee's primary function is to encourage non-members to join as well as to help retain current members whose membership has expired.  Works closely with Education & Technology Committees to help promote membership benefits in every way possible.  Committee chair-person, committee member/members to attend or arrange to have committee person substitute at each and every event, class and function to promote membership.  Shall provide applications/membership information (applications and renewal forms) to all interested persons. Contact via phone and email expiring members for renewals.  Coordinate with our Admin to send email campaigns out to prospects on a regular basis. Review monthly reporting and follow up with all memberships who have stopped or are close to the end of their membership to renew.

  • Liaison - President


  • Education

Education committee schedules the education classes with state or other vendor, finds and books the venues and coordinates with our Admin regarding registrations.  At the class, committee is responsible for scheduling of at least two volunteers to man the registration desk at each event; signing in and out of all attendees and verifying of IDs.  Registration logs should be protected and must be sent to our Admin immediately for submission to state.  Original signed registration sheets must be given to our Admin for submission to Foundation.  If other vendors are used for non-CE education classes and tradeshow education; proper procedures must be followed.  

Committee chair is responsible for scheduling upcoming events a minimum of 3 months in advance.  Responsible to work with Events Committee and our Admin to coordinate venues, speakers and sponsors. 

  • Liaison - Vice President


  • Events/Fundraising

Committee shall plan a minimum to of 4 parties, to include the regular yearly events, traditionally: Bowling/Hamburger Mary’s and Golf and Holiday/End-of-year events.  These are treated as General Meetings and allow for Networking for the members.  Committee is also responsible to schedule networking events in conjunction with educational events and/or stand-alone events. Additionally, this committee will work with the Education committee as well as the Admin in booking venues, speakers and sponsors for monthly meetings/events a minimum of 3 months in advance. 




  • Charities/Community Relations

Plans and coordinates activities and community services for the chapter to participate and/or donate to.  Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together Broward, MSABC, Humane Society, CAMEO, Kids in Distress, Jack and Jill, Joe Dimagios Childrens Hospital are some of the charities we currently support. As points towards “Chapter of the Year” are given for participation; ensure that the Awards committee is provided with photos for every event and any news press that mentions our Chapter’s participation.


  • Golf Tournament

The Golf Tournament is the 2nd largest fundraiser for the Chapter.  Usually held in June.  The committee is responsible for planning the event, obtaining event specific sponsors and working with our Admin to market and promote the function. One or more charities are usually a major beneficiary of the funds raised.  Also treated as a General Meeting.


  • Public Relations

Responsible for sending press releases and photos of Chapter events to the State, and to industry publications, such as the Mortgage Press.  Also advertising FAMB to the consumers to gain public awareness and name recognition.


  • Liaison- Vice President



  • Government Affairs/Legislative/PAC

Committee to keep our members informed as to status of any legislative issues affecting our business. Coordinates with State and relays information to chapter board and members.  Sets appointments to meet with legislators during Lobby days in Tallahassee and Washington DC. Assists in getting local public officials to attend our local chapter events.  Attend government affairs meetings and conference calls as applicable.

  • Liaison - President

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