2021 Webinars, Events & Classes

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Friday, Jan 15th, 10am: Pinellas Co. Floodplain Admin. Lisa Foster speaks about Pinellas Flood info., resources and how to use.

This FREE service offers valuable info. for mortgage professionals and their clients! Links to surrounding county flood zone portals:

Friday, Feb. 19th, 10am:  Downpaymentresource.com and more DPA help! 

Mortgage Sean Moss with Downpaymentresource.com shares how MLO's, realtors and clients can use website. Also, wholesaler and  addit. DPA programs to be shared.

Mortgage professionals, clients and real estate agents can use Downpaymentresource.com to find DPA programs... and Down Payment Connect for mortgage professionals can connect MLO's to DPA programs available through city, state and county SHIP as well as wholesaler DPA and Chenoa Funds! 


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Coming Soon!

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