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Christopher Leppert moves to state FAMP as Treasurer, Gulf Coast FAMP welcomes new President Adam Zi

Last week, Christopher Leppert was elected as the new Treasurer for the state FAMP organization. Mr. Leppert had been serving as the President of the Gulf Coast FAMP chapter since 2019. Adam Zima, Gulf Coast FAMP Vice President is now the President of the Florida FAMP chapter that encompasses Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties.

Christopher Leppert, Vice President of Fulfillment for Navigator Lending Solutions, a division of Land Home Financial Services, brings 25+ years of experience in the mortgage industry. He served in roles such as owner/broker, management, processing, originations, quality reviews, and is an NMLS federal course approved trainer. His experience has enabled him to instill a high-performance culture resulting in an increase of sales and profits, by designing and developing training programs supporting key business objectives and goals. He will be Treasurer of the state FAMP organization for 2020-2021.

Adam Zima, President of Champions Mortgage, has developed programs for home ownership partnerships with financial institutions; that sets Champions apart from all other lenders. He has coordinated with one of the country’s largest banks to streamline their Community Revitalization Act Lending Program for the state of Florida. Serving with several non-profits to make this program accessible to everyone. He believes in a one stop shop approach and overhauled Champions from broker to a full-service lender, one stop-shop for industry professionals. He has written articles for Scotsman Guide, a leading resource for mortgage originators; and has been seen on Mortgage News Network. Mr. Zima will serve as President of the Gulf Coast FAMP chapter from 2020-2021.

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Adam Zima,  Gulf Coast FAMP President

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